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  • .Stereo USB Laptop Direct Box.
  • .High impedance direct input for electronic musical instrument signal feed.
  • .High performance 24bit digital audio converter .
  • .Ready to use without the need of a driver .
  • .Standard USB type-B port for connection to computer .
  • .3.5mm analog headphone output to check signal.
  • .Level control for outputs and headphone.
  • .The direct input signal will be mixed to the USB stereo signal at the output stage.
  • .Selectable 3 steps attenuator for Hi-Z direct input.
  • .Accept power from 9V battery, +20V to +48V phantom power or 5V from USB.
  • .2 channel XLR Balanced Low-Z output with isolation transformer .

The DI-USB is a high-resolution stereo digital audio converter (DAC) and direct box that is designed to connect to any computer system to seamlessly transfer digital audio to analog.

A professional Hi-Z direct input is also equipped, this is most commonly used with guitar pickups or keyboards, it also can be fed either from a linelevel output from the head (pad set to -20dB) or from the amplifier power output. A stereo pair of balanced XLR audio outputs with adjustable level control then feeds the signal to a microphone preamplifier, PA system, mixing console or even a powered speaker!

Made for plug and play simplicity, the DI-USB will automatically be listed as an available sound card in the audio settings in all popular operating systems,including Windows 7/8, Windows 10 and Mac OSX.

Connection to a computer is accomplished through a standard USB type-B port. Digital-to-analog conversion can be monitored on headphones through the 3.5mm analog output jack to check signal quality and level before connecting to a sound system. Two isolated output transformers are equipped to eliminate any hum or buzz caused by ground loops. To further reduce susceptibility to noise, this is augmented with a ground lift switch that lifts pin-1 on both XLR jacks.


The Unika DI-USB is a high-resolution stereo direct box designed to convert sound files from a laptop computer, it is a fully USB 2.0 compliant, 24bit digital to analog audio converter and also a direct input that lets you interface a high impedance (Hi-Z) audio output with professional low impedance (Low-Z) PA and recording systems.

In the case of the DI-USB Box, the digital audio signal is converted to analog and feeds directly into the direct box circuit to produce Low-Z balanced left and right stereo signals.

The built in preamp allows you to adjust the output level from mic-level to line-level and enables the DI-USB Box to connect directly to mixing consoles, power amplifiers and self-powered speakers alike. The DI-USB Box ensures the digital signal is delivered to the PA as faithfully as possible.

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USB ComplianceUSB 2.0 full speed, type B connector
Bit Depth24bit / 16bit
Sampling Rate44.1KHz / 48KHz auto sensing
Sound File CompatibilityWDM, MME, Core-Audio, ASIO and DirectSound
Software CompatibilityVista/Win7/Win8/Win10 and Mac OSX
Frequency Response20Hz to 20KHz,+1/-1 dB
Dynamic Range>90dB
Noise Floor<-90dBu, unweighted 20Hz to 20KHz.
Maximum Output+9dBu.
Total Harmonic DistortionLess than 0.008% at 1KHz, 0dBu output
Hi-Z Direct InputUnbalanced, XLR/¼”TRS combo jack.
(Pin-2 Hot, Pin-3&1 Ground).
Link OutputUnbalanced, Parallel link output ¼”TRS jack
for feeding to other equipment.
Direct Input AttenuatorAt 0dBAt -20dBAt -40dB
Direct Input Impedance1 MΩ47KΩ47KΩ
Max. input level before Clip+9dBu+29dBu+49dBu
Output Impedance200Ω nominal, Transformer Balanced.
Analog outputBalanced transformer isolated
(XLR-M, Pin-1 Ground, Pin-2 Hot, Pin-3 Cold)
Headphone output3.5mm TRS,
(Tip-Left Ch. Ring-Right Ch., Sleeve-Ground)
Level control           Variable, works on headphone and XLR outputs
Ground liftLifts pin-1 on both XLR outputs
DC Powerderives power from USB, plug-in 9V battery or
+20V to +48V Phantom power
FinishDurable powder coat
Size (H×W×D)158 x 112 x 46 mm
Weight1.2Kg, 2.6lbs.
Construction14 gauge steel cabinet & chassis