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  • .Stereo Bluetooth-Direct Box.
  • .High impedance direct input for electronic musical instrument signal feed.
  • .USB type-B Mini port, connect to computer for 5V supply.
  • .3.5mm TRS headphone output for audio level monitoring.
  • .Front panel Level control used for stereo output along with headphone volume adjustment.
  • .The direct input audio signal will mix to the Bluetooth stereo audio signal at the output stage.
  • .Selectable 3 steps attenuator for Hi-Z direct input.
  • .Be available for powering by plug-in 9V battery or feeding 5V power by USB or mobile phone’s adaptor.
  • .2 channel XLR Balanced Low-Z output with isolation transformer.

The DI-BT Box is a high-resolution stereo direct box designed to wirelessly pair with Bluetooth® enabled devices, once it is powered up, it will automatically be listed as an available device on your Bluetooth enabled computer, tablet or smart phone. A professional Hi-Z direct input is also equipped, this is most commonly used with guitar pickups or keyboards, it also can be fed either from a line-level output from the head (pad set to -20dB) or from the amplifier po wer output. A stereo pair of balanced XLR audio outputs with adjustable level control then feeds the signal to a microphone preamplifier, PA system, mixing console or even a powered speaker! The transferred Bluetooth Streaming audio can be monitored on headphones through the 3.5mm analog output jack to check signal quality and level before connecting to a sound system. Two isolated output transformers are equipped to eliminate any hum or buzz caused by ground loops. To further reduce susceptibility to noise, this is augmented with a ground lift switch that lifts pin-1 on both XLR jacks.


The DI-BT Box is a high-resolution stereo direct box designed to wirelessly pair with Bluetooth® enabled devices and seamlessly transfer the streaming audio to a pair of balanced audio outputs. This makes it ideal for connecting a laptop, cell phone or tablet to a mixing console, powered speakers or PA system.

The DI-BT Box antenna first picks up the streamed digital audio signal and converts to analog audio and feeds directly into the direct box circuit to produce Low-Z balanced left and right stereo signals. A front-panel level control is used to adjust the output volume along with the volume setting for the headphones. This is variable from a mic level output to feed a traditional mixing channel preamp input to a line level to feed the line input on a mixing console, recording system or powered speaker. The 3.5mm mini-headphone output can be used to monitor the stereo signal and test for audio prior to connecting to the PA. The XLR output isolation transformers will help to eliminate noise caused by ground loops. The signal is then balanced to drive long cables without noise.

The DI-BT Box is easy to setup and use. Once it is powered up and the ON switch is engaged, it will automatically appear as an available device on your Bluetooth enabled computer, tablet or smart phone.

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Audio Circuit DesignBluetooth A2DP transceiver with audio line drive
StandardBluetooth V4.2 Standard
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth A2DP compliant devices
Device Operating Range10m (line of sight)
Frequency response20Hz to 20KHz,+1/-1 dB
Dynamic range>90dB
Noise<-90dBu, unweighted 20Hz to 20KHz.
Maximum output+9dBu. (source file dependency)
Total harmonic distortionLess than 0.008% at 1KHz, 0dBu output
Hi-Z Direct InputUnbalanced, XLR/¼”TRS combo jack.
(Pin-2 Hot, Pin-3&1 Ground).
Link OutputUnbalanced, Parallel link output ¼”TRS jack
for feeding to other equipment.
Direct Input AttenuatorAt 0dBAt -20dBAt -40dB
Direct Input Impedance1 MΩ47KΩ47KΩ
Max. input level before Clip+9dBu+29dBu+49dBu
Output impedance200Ω nominal, Transformer Balanced.
Analog outputBalanced transformer isolated
(XLR-M, Pin-1 Ground, Pin-2 Hot, Pin-3 Cold)
Headphone output3.5mm TRS,
(Tip-Left Ch. Ring-Right Ch., Sleeve-Ground)
Level control           Variable, works on headphone and XLR outputs
Ground liftLifts pin-1 on both XLR outputs
DC Powerderives power from USB, plug-in 9V battery or
+20V to +48V Phantom power
FinishDurable powder coat
Size (H×W×D)158 x 112 x 46 mm
Weight1.2Kg, 2.6lbs.
Construction14 gauge steel cabinet & chassis


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